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About Joshua Flores

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How It All Started...


My name is Joshua Flores and I have been singing since I was 2 1/2 years old. By the time I was 11 years old, I had already been singing at church, festivals, sporting events and city-wide events. Also, around that time my dad started posting videos of me singing and some I played the guitar too. I was starting to get a lot of views on some of these videos and it was around this time that we got approached by an Independent record label out of Miami called IHM/Astro Music Group. They gave me a couple songs to learn and flew me and my parents out to Miami to record them to see how I would sound in the studio and next thing you know, I’m signed at 12 years old!

For the next couple of years, I was flying back and forth from Corpus Christi to Miami to record songs and work on the development of being an artist. I had voice lessons, dance lessons, and recording sessions.

I had actually recorded enough songs to release an album but nothing ever got released. I also worked with some great producers and writers that wrote and produced some great songs.

Around this time the label decided to do a remake of a 90’s R&B hit called, “Never Should’ve Let You Go” by the group Hi-5. They also got me to shoot a music video for it and it became my first official release of a music video. I was 13 when I shot the video. Link to the video below.

Not much came from the video release and I continued to record songs and continue development. I did get to perform a few places in New York and Miami but again it just seemed that nothing was really happening. I was homeschooled for awhile but as things slowed down I moved into a regular teenage life of going to school and doing music once in awhile. I was restricted in performing for any local events anymore even though nothing was happening with my career at the time. When I turned 16 I had recorded a few new songs that I thought were going to be released and I even shot a music video for one song but everything stopped all of sudden. I stopped hearing from the label and by the time I was 18 they had pretty much folded but I was still under contract with them. I finally was able to get released due to no activity being done with my contract on the label’s part.

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New single "Fall Out Of Love" streaming everywhere, August 10th!


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